Yantian Technology Office Building

Yantian Technology Office Building

The design proposal maximizes the visual amenities of the existing site through focused views that orient the interior spaces toward the mountains and the harbor. The different types of fenestrations on the facades create a clear hierarchy of orientation. Three primary window types make up this composition. The most noticeable feature of the facades is several areas where the windows are organized in an intricately varying pattern of window boxes. These areas are located strategically to orient particular views either to the mountains or the sea while also providing a strong visual identity of the building from each vantage as visitors and employees approach from the surrounding streets.

The majority of the facade is composed of actively calibrated translucent louvers that shield the interior from direct sunlight while maintaining the uninterrupted views of the surroundings. The louvers are operated by a mechanical system programmed to track the changing position of the sun across the day, providing optimal balance between shading and view. The building envelope wraps continuously to the north and transits into a fixed window system while maintaining the rhythm and spacing to produce a site responsive but uniform appearance. The third distinct type of window pattern reproduces the detail and ornamentation of windows in traditional Chinese Architecture (花窗). The window boxes are cladded with terra cotta tiles which contrasts to the shading system on the other part of the envelope.

Project Details

Project Location | Shenzhen, China
Principal in Charge | Craig Borum, FAIA
PLY+ Project Team | Andrew Wolking, Caileigh MacKellar, Maggie Shao, Dinghao Zhou, Shuqi He
Collaboration | Shenzhen Heda International Design &Engineering CO.,LTD