Robbins Elementary School

Robbins Elementary School

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In recognizing the evolving role of the Robbins School as an educational community, this proposal intertwines the public spaces and classrooms around a series of outdoor courtyards and playgrounds. The expanded educational facilities at the Robbins School provide an open learning environment during the school hours but can be securely accessed after hours for community use.

The addition duplicates the volume of the existing school and is transformed with a series of simple operations. The new school complex is organized as three concentric layers that wrap an internal courtyard and plaza. The layers consist of an outer series of pre-cast concrete panels, a central core of classrooms and circulation and an inner fiberglass screen. In each of the three layers, the Assembly Required proposal explores the potential of materiality and construction economy to address issues of identity, environment and learning.

Project Details

Project Location | Trenton, New Jersey
Status | Competition (2nd Prize), 2005
PLY+ Project Team | Craig Borum (Principal), Karl Daubmann (former Principal at PLY), Jen Maigret, Michael Powers, Sam Barclay, Jeana D’Agostino, Josh Bard, Lizzie Rothwell, Kasey Vilet, Na Young Shim, Ka Young Shim, Nick Quiring