• A Dozen Playgrounds

    A Dozen Playgrounds

    A Dozen Playgrounds “A Dozen Playgrounds” proposes to recuperate playgrounds as space for children, central to the living fabric of the city. Through the development of design strategies that balance prototypical desires with site specificity, similar to Aldo van Eyck’s playgrounds of postwar Amsterdam, this project takes a polycentric, interstitial…

  • Liquid Planning Detroit
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    Liquid Planning Detroit

    Liquid Planning Detroit fosters the imaginative capacity of visions for Detroit’s future urbanism by understanding the city through the lens of water. Whereas current debate is mired in circular reasoning — the solution to Detroit’s overwhelming vacancy is less vacancy — our work positions the consideration of urban storm water…

  • Stormglass Research + Orchid House
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    Stormglass Research + Orchid House

    This work attempts to strike a balance between the material affect with the environmental interactions it simultaneously mediates and indexes. It aims to leverage one invisible condition against the other to elicit physical material properties that register and effect spatial visibilities.