• Brick by Brick
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    Brick by Brick

    The urgency to achieve energy-centric approaches to architecture is poised to transform the practice of architecture as it is recognized today. The interrogation of the role of technology is central to this challenge, yet wall assemblies and the material composition of building envelopes play an equally catalytic role.

  • Streaming Environments
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    Streaming Environments

    Streaming proposes to develop a prototypical approach for bringing glasshouses (glasshouse is an historic term for what are now known as greenhouses) to public schools. National trends in education are currently seeking opportunities to merge classroom lessons with experiential learning.

  • PLY Lights
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    PLY Lights

    PLY Lights Paper LightsThese luminaries investigate the translucent qualities of paper by exploiting its ability to transmit light and cast shadows. The luminaries are constructed of two layers of precisely cut 100% recyclable synthetic paper, and interlocked to achieve a structural rigidity without the need of a secondary frame or…

  • Stormglass Research + Orchid House
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    Stormglass Research + Orchid House

    This work attempts to strike a balance between the material affect with the environmental interactions it simultaneously mediates and indexes. It aims to leverage one invisible condition against the other to elicit physical material properties that register and effect spatial visibilities.

  • Spatial Stair
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    Spatial Stair

    Spatial Stair The project for a two story apartment in a converted racquet club in down town Ann Arbor reconfigures and redistributes the spatial arrangements of the apartment within the 20’ x 40’ volume of an existing racquetball court. The tight spatial constraints and the single exterior orientation led to…