• Brick by Brick
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    Brick by Brick

    The urgency to achieve energy-centric approaches to architecture is poised to transform the practice of architecture as it is recognized today. The interrogation of the role of technology is central to this challenge, yet wall assemblies and the material composition of building envelopes play an equally catalytic role.

  • Streaming Environments
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    Streaming Environments

    Streaming proposes to develop a prototypical approach for bringing glasshouses (glasshouse is an historic term for what are now known as greenhouses) to public schools. National trends in education are currently seeking opportunities to merge classroom lessons with experiential learning.

  • Hydrophilic Hoophouse

    Hydrophilic Hoophouse

    The Hydrophilic Hoophouse deploys common materials toward a typological transformation of a common, agricultural vernacular assembly. Standard hoophouses have a strong tradition of affordable and efficient assembly techniques that establish micro-climates for extended season horticulture.

  • Liquid Planning Detroit
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    Liquid Planning Detroit

    Liquid Planning Detroit fosters the imaginative capacity of visions for Detroit’s future urbanism by understanding the city through the lens of water. Whereas current debate is mired in circular reasoning — the solution to Detroit’s overwhelming vacancy is less vacancy — our work positions the consideration of urban storm water…

  • Stormglass Research + Orchid House
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    Stormglass Research + Orchid House

    This work attempts to strike a balance between the material affect with the environmental interactions it simultaneously mediates and indexes. It aims to leverage one invisible condition against the other to elicit physical material properties that register and effect spatial visibilities.