PLY Lights

PLY Lights

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Paper Lights
These luminaries investigate the translucent qualities of paper by exploiting its ability to transmit light and cast shadows. The luminaries are constructed of two layers of precisely cut 100% recyclable synthetic paper, and interlocked to achieve a structural rigidity without the need of a secondary frame or infrastructure. Bending caused by the interlocking of the two layers results in a thickened shell that captures and manipulates light. Waterproof recyclable paper and cast acrylic base. Approximately 10” dia. And 22” tall. Available in both hanging and standing versions.

Glowing Plywood
These lights investigate the latent translucent qualities of thinly cut wood as a series of light fixtures. The scale of the plywood lights enables the use of scrap material. The light shades initially explored the illuminated qualities of paper, wood veneers, and laminated plywood before finally taking advantage of the porous structure of end grain, which acts like a fiber-optic wire when lit. The material filters the light with the warm color of the wood grain.

Project Details

Status | Ongoing, 2003 – present
Design Team | Craig Borum, FAIA, Karl Daubmann; Jen Maigret, AIA, Jeana D’Agostino, Kristen Little, Michael Powers, Maria Walker