Parkridge House

Parkridge House


This project redefines the internal organization and exterior form of an existing 1960’s single story ranch house. The project for a new master bedroom suite and a guest room leverages the limited scope of work by using the overall new form to give the entire house a new identity. The new massing is positioned forward in relationship to the existing approach and seems to rise upward as the hillside falls. The new master bedroom provides this new front with a formal face, yet does not yet imply entry. As you move further into the site the appearance of a courtyard caught between the existing form and the new massing reveals the new entry.

Additionally the exterior of the new massing is articulated as a draped skin hung loosely over the new forms. The skin is then extended to wrap portions of the existing massing as well giving the house a completely new appearance. This looseness of fit between shin and mass defines a number of unexpected spaces caught between surface and mass.

Project Details

Project Location | Ann Arbor, Michigan
Status | Completed, 2010
PLY+ Project Team | Craig Borum, FAIA, Mike Ezban, Marshal Prado, Alex Timmer, Karl Daubmann