OMI Sushi

OMI Sushi


The design of Omi grew from a desire to make a very clear, bold, and graphic statement with the space that would function as a place and as an identity.  The pill-shaped section breaks from the given interior envelope and defines the space as something spatially and programmatically new, a sushi restaurant in East Lansing, Michigan.  The simple section as an overall form is further defined by a series of programmatic and technical issues.  The ceilings over the two side dining areas are lowered, to not only define an intimate dining zone, but to also provide space above for large make-up air units.  The poche between the existing walls and the new section are used for built-in benches, concealed lighting, and storage.  The ceiling plane breaks to define a central space with a higher ceiling.  The lower ceiling height is reestablished as a transparent surface by a field of suspended light fixtures.  The continuity and coherence of the section gives the dining area a much larger feel within a very tight area.

Project Details

Project Location | East Lansing, Michigan
Status | Completed, 2003
PLY+ Design Team | Karl Daubmann, Craig Borum, Carl Lorenz, Kevin Conway, Jen Maigret


AIA Michigan Design Award 2006