Liquid Planning Detroit

Liquid Planning Detroit

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Liquid Planning Detroit fosters the imaginative capacity of visions for Detroit’s future urbanism by understanding the city through the lens of water. Whereas current debate is mired in circular reasoning — the solution to Detroit’s overwhelming vacancy is less vacancy — our work positions the consideration of urban storm water management as a key tool for generative design strategies that encourage nested, scalar approaches and interdisciplinary collaboration.The research brings together regional analyses of the systems of water infrastructure, and the physical, regulatory and cultural forces that shape Detroit’s contemporary urban condition.

The Dequindre Cut (the cut) is an abandoned railway corridor located close to downtown Detroit. This corridor is currently being redeveloped into a pedestrian greenway. The following speculations represent approaches that reconnect conduits to the city through the careful overlap of stormwater management and public space design.

Project Details

Project Location | Detroit, Michigan
Status | Complete, 2013
Principal in Charge | Jen Maigret, AIA
Collaboration | María Arquero de Alarcón, MAde Studio
Client & Sponsor | Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute
Grant | Detroit Sustainability Indicators Integrated Assessment
Spatial Data Librarian | Nicole Scholtz, Data Driven Detroit
Project Team | Meghan Archer, Catherine Baldwin, Caroline Bergelin, Maria Capota, Leigh Davis, Tara Mather, Anna Schaefferkoetter, Peter Sotherland, Robert Yuen 

Awards |
ACSA Faculty Design Award 2013
AIA Michigan Honor Award 2014
BSA Design Award (Citation) 2013

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