Hydrophilic Hoophouse

Hydrophilic Hoophouse


The Hydrophilic Hoophouse deploys common materials toward a typological transformation of a common, agricultural vernacular assembly. Standard hoophouses have a strong tradition of affordable and efficient assembly techniques that establish micro-climates for extended season horticulture. This project challenges several standard practices, and in so doing, advances a structural and material approach that integrates a new rainwater collection technique. As an outcome, the hoophouse typology is updated through the environmental consideration of light, air and water, as expressed through a common, yet rich material palette.

Project Details

Project Location | Ann Arbor, Michigan
Status | Complete, 2014
Principal in Charge | Jen Maigret, AIA
Client | Matthaei Botanical Gardens
Sponsor | Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR), University of Michigan
Structural Engineer | Peter von Buelow 
Hoop Fabrication / Installation at Matthaei Botanical Gardens | Tim Risk, Matthew Denner
Project Team | Andrew Wolking, Catherine Baldwin, Maria Capota, Kayla Lim, Sen Liu, Paul Tierman

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