Four Room House

Four Room House


With offsets and intersections, the Four Room House organizes a sequence of spatial experiences that punctuate spaces of domesticity, work and landscape that are experienced alternately along axial and diagonal paths of movement. Spaces of movement are articulated along diagonal cuts and are intensified by the geometric qualities of intersecting arches formed as a result of the head clearance necessary for passage under stairs. Spaces of occupation are elongated in axial relationships with a wooded and agricultural landscape.

The resulting organization of spaces provides a high degree of continuity and flexibility and serves as a model for a shared house with extended family or a primary residence with home office and workshop spaces. The alternating over and under connections of the four volumes provide a degree of overlap and visual connectivity while also maintaining enough spatial separation to provide privacy between occupants or demarcations that register thresholds between living and working.

Project Details

Project Location | Beulah, Michigan
Principals in Charge | Craig Borum, FAIA, Jen Maigret, AIA
PLY+ Project Team | Yibo Jiao, John Monnat, Masataka Yoshikawa, Yusi Zha