The Elert House

Location Ann Arbor, MI
Date 2012
Type Residential
Status Completed

The challenge in restoring of Dean Robert Metcalf’s 1953 Crane Residence is striking the balance between maintaining the original design aesthetic which relies in large part in the careful detailing of windows and material finishes while integrating new energy efficient technologies. The Crane Residence was his first house commission in Ann Arbor, and miraculously hadn’t been mangled by subsequent owners in the last 60 years. As was typical with Metcalf’s work, the house was design with sophisticated passive energy strategies in mind, but the windows were extruded aluminum frames with uninsulated glazing. We worked with the original Michigan based manufacturer to integrate a thermally broken insulated panel that matches the original frame profile and depth.

Additional work opened up the kitchen to Metcalf's original open design (the Cranes added a partition at the rear of the galley island to provide more separation from the dining room. Also Kate Lazuka (of BTB2 fame) has been meticulously painting the interior. She has an amazing eye for color!

Principals in Charge Craig Borum
Design Professionals SD/DD Alex Timmer

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