Storm Glass
Three Oaks, MI

Principal in Charge

Craig Borum

Design Professionals  

Julie Simpson, Alex Timmer Wiltrud Simbuergrer, Sara Dean, Ross Hoekstra, Lizzie Yarina, Natasha Mauskapf, Jessica Mattson, Chris Bennet, Jason Prasad

Structural Engineering

Andy Greco (SDI Structures)

Ths weekend retreat for a family of four incorporates a prototype of the “Storm Glass” glazing system. The dominant visual experience is produced by the long, sealed glass tubes filled with storm glass solution. Dynamic patterns of crystals form inside the tubes revealing changes in weather patterns. The storm glass partitions produce a visual depth and modulate interior environmental conditions by diffusing light. Overall, the system forgoes complete visual transparency in favor of visual variability.

The inner layer of glass tubes form torqued elliptical rooms while the exterior glass surface provides a weather-tight and thermally-sealed enclosure. Each of these “windows” geometrically forms the only interior divisions of space within the house which are organized around a central courtyard. Pivoting wall sections were developed to facilitate ventillation and to allow for direct visual access to the exterior. This approach allows for a simplification of construction detailing and sequencing of trades while simultaneously redefining window and wall.