Rutherford Pool

Location Ypsilanti, MI
Date 2017
Type Public
Status Completed

The Rutherford pool house is a proposal to bring new life to an outdated municipal pool house in a city recently emerging from near bankruptcy. The proposal uses readily available and inexpensive building materials to transform a utilitarian cmu box into a more inviting and dynamic site of public infrastructure. A strong grassroots community effort is driving the city’s Parks Department to invest in the project. The proposal has gained support in the form of matching funds.

The proposal upgrades basic infrastructure and strategically reduces active environmental systems in favor of passive approaches. An example of this is the introduction of openings in the roof of the locker rooms for natural ventilation while also reconfiguring plumbing to allow for the winter shutdown of the facility. Additionally, the exterior is clad with a screen of synthetic decking, taking advantage of the flexibility of the material to introduce waving lines of contours to animate the existing structure and offer the community a new, optimistic future image.

Principals in Charge Craig Borum, Jen Maigret
Design Professionals SD Arvin Yu
Structural Engineering Paul Dannels (SDI Structures)

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