MOCAD (Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit)
Detroit, MI
Completion is targeted for 2021

Design Team

Craig Borum, Jen Maigret

Principals in Charge

Craig Borum, Jen Maigret

Design Professionals SD/DD

Olaia Chivite Amigo, Yibo Jiao

Civil Engineering

Giffels Webster

Structural Engineering

Thornton Tomasetti

Mechanical and Plumbing

Green Path Design

Electrical Engineering

ETS Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Lars Junghans

Founded in 2006, at the peak of Detroit’s decline, MOCAD was established as a vibrant site for the exploration of new ideas in contemporary art. Housed within a former Albert Kahn designed Cadillac dealership, the original renovations were only what was necessary to open the doors. This project improves the existing facilities and capacity for programming to extend MOCAD’s role as a cultural hub in the center of the Detroit arts district.

The grounds of the museum are redesigned to serve ongoing parking needs in addition to open event space for summer film series, musical events and arts programming. The east and west facades receive interventions to visually open MOCAD to the Woodward Ave corridor and establish a new entry from the parking and events space while maintaining the grittiness that defines the character of MOCAD. Overall, our approach to this renovations is akin to the Japanese art of kintsugi, where damaged ceramics are repaired with precious metals elevating the status of the wound and the repair simultaneously.