Michigan Animal Rescue League
Pontiac, MI
Construction completed by May 2020

Principals in Charge  

Craig Borum, Jen Maigret, William Carpenter

Design Professionals SD/DD

Andrew Wolking, Yusi Zha

MEP Engineering

Bart Reed, Brian Dorner, Bob Sopko (DiClemente Siegel Design)

Structural Engineering 

Chris Gallagher (Shenberger Associates)

Civil Engineering

Jason Sutton (Johnson Anderson Associates)

Patrick Williams, schematic-construction(Nowak & Fraus Engineers)

The building design and detailing for a new facility for the Michigan Animal Rescue League (MARL) is informed by a core goal of achieving “a different breed of shelter.” The design addresses key spatial challenges presented by the current, outdated facility that lead to unhealthy stress levels for the shelter’s cats and dogs.

MARL believes that the quality of the wait for a forever home can make all the difference in the future of an animal. Likewise, the building project challenges animal shelter stereotypes by exploring the use of courtyards to provide animal housing with abundant natural light, acoustic control and quality air circulation. Equally important, the design deploys a strong use of color to maintain MARL’s existing identity (blue and magenta) while signaling an exciting, forward looking future with an improved facility that “provides the highest quality of life to dogs and cats through rescue, low-or-no-cost medical care, short and long term sanctuary, adoption, education and outreach.