Ann Arbor, MI
Completion expected for August 2019

Principals in Charge

Craig Borum

Design Professionals SD/DD

Yibo Jiao, Yusi Zha, Annabelle Guan, Jiashi Yu

Structural Engineering

Paul Dannels (SDI Structures)

Two directives were posed by the clients: house their collection of late 20th century art and design objects in spaces that compliment, but do not detract from their presence, and provide a primary, uninterrupted floor plane that allows for a graceful aging in place. Additional constraints include the clients’ mistrust for open plans and a tightly constrained and steeply sloping site.

House P is regulated by geometric rules that govern the plan, curate the art collection and register patterns of daily life. Routine activities play out in nine rooms arranged on the primary level. Each of these rooms is defined by incomplete geometries that connect living spaces with art display. Rooms complete one another and negotiate a balance between openess and definition. Spatial continuity results from the geometrical overlap between the room’s boundaries while programmatic integrity is retained. Through this “flatness” of the plan, this project attempts to resolve a dynamic figure ground relationship through the tension between programmatic containment and spatial overlap.