Eastside Recreation Center
Ypsilanti, MI

Principals in Charge

Craig Borum, Jen Maigret

Design Professionals SD/DD

Caileigh MacKellar, John Monnat,
Anna Schaefferkoetter, Andrew Wolking

Landscape Architecture

Maria Arquero de Alarcon (MAde Studio)

Associate Architects

Chuck Lewis, Kevin Marshall (Integrated Design Solutions)

Structural Engineering

Andy Greco, Peter Herringa (SDI Structures)

MEP Engineering

Joseph Robinson (Integrated Design Solutions)

Civil Engineering   

William Knighton (Mannick Smith)

Aquatic Consultant

Carl Nylander (Councilman Hunsacker Aquatics)

The Eastside Recreation Center (ERC) was intended to serve as a catalyst for the redevelopment and revitalization of a 38 acre, post-industrial site at the edge of the historic downtown of Ypsilanti, MI (originally scheduled for completion in January 2016, the project was cancelled when significant soil contamination was uncovered on site).

Situated along the Huron River and connected with an Olmstead Brothers (1913) park by way of a recreational bike and pedestrian trail, the project serves as a gateway to a regional park and river system. It also serves an important urban role by extending the street frontage of Ypsilanti’s historic downtown corridor.
Recreational program includes two pools, a gymnasium and an elevated track. All of these establish a visual connection with the river and park and the elevated track allows one to travel through the depth of the roof structure adjacent to the gym, lobby and pools. In these ways, the ERC acts as a dynamic, civic hub.